5 Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes

Clothing two children each year can get quite expensive if you’re not paying attention. But with just a little planning you can save quite a bit of money. Here’s what I do to save money on back-to-school clothes for my daughters. Shop end of season sales My girls are only 6 and 8 so I’m still able to pretty accurately predict their size each year. So, in August I’ll buy clothing from the end-of-the-season summer childrens clothes sales for the following summer. In January I’ll buy … [Read more...]

Are you overlooking easy discounts?


Even novice couponers know the best source for grocery-store discounts (the Sunday circular) and have the smarts to time their shopping trips around a sale. However, unless you're an extreme saver with surplus storage space for toothpaste and toilet paper, you may not be aware of many discounts crossing your path every day. Before you let another dime go down the drain, check this list of the most overlooked discounts and be sure to include them in your savings plan. 1. Receipt Coupons I … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 22 Tips to Save Money While Shopping For Food


Supermarkets actually spend millions of dollars every year into research. the object? They want to find out how better to seduce customers into spending more than they can afford and buying way more than they need. As customers, we need to learn how to counter this strategy. Here are several tips on how you can buy what you need, pay less than what you should, and save money. Always shop for groceries on a full stomach; you won’t be tempted to load your trolley with a lot of cakes, bakes … [Read more...]

How do you save money?


I've been doing pretty well budgeting lately. I started by taking my monthly income, and subtracting my required bills like rent, car payment, food, credit card payments, etc. With what was left, I divide that between the other essential categories like clothing, school money for Lulu, gas, car maintenance, utilities, etc. So since I get paid twice each month, I save half of each bill payment from each paycheck. This is easier for me that taking a huge chunk out of one check for rent, and the … [Read more...]