Container Gardening 2012

So, this is what my garden looks like so far. Sorry the video is so long – it was the first time I’ve tried to show my plants and I didn’t realize how long it was until afterwards! 4 Dwarf Meyer Lemon trees – about 2 1/2 to 3 years old – about $50 each 1 Bearss Lime Tree – about 2 years old – $53 1 strawberry plant – $5 from Walmart 7 elephant garlic bulbs – a few bucks (ebay) 3 strawberry plants (from bare root) – about $1 several spring onion plants $2 from farmers market Mint plant $3 … [Read more...]

Recipes for Fun: Wacky Science #RecipesForFun


I’m so glad the weather is getting better. The girls and I have so many experiments going on, it’s hard to keep track. Last year we grew lemons (2 lemon trees), green peppers, and tomatoes in containers on the back deck. It doesn’t get a lot of sun back there, but we were anxious and we got some results. I wouldn’t call us green thumbs yet, but we’re getting there. This year we’ve got a worm compost bin going, and we’re trying to grow many more things – strawberries, spearmint, garlic (from … [Read more...]

I’m obsessed…#gardening #green #spring

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree with Bloom

…with container gardening.  Seriously. This is what I’ve got started so far this year: 4 Improved Meyer Lemon Trees 1 spearmint plant seeds germinating for cherry tomatoes This is what I’ve already purchased and am waiting for: 5 cloves elephant garlic 3 beefsteak tomato plants Lime tree Orange tree Tangerine tree Yellow onion sets This is what I’m considering getting: 2 columnar apple trees 1 columnar peach tree Watermelon or cantaloupe … [Read more...]

#review: Improved Meyer Lemon Tree @FastGrowingTree


  About Improved Meyer Lemon Tree It grows indoors and out, withstanding temperatures as low as 22 F. You get a lot of lemons. A great-tasting lemon. Fresh, delightful scent from fresh citrus blooms. FUN tree. Trouble-free citrus tree. facebook | twitter | website My Thoughts on the Improved Meyer Lemon Tree You wanna know how much I like lemon trees? This is my 4th one. I didn’t realize until after I received my delivery that Fast Growing Trees was … [Read more...]

Gardening Time!


Alright, so all weekend I’ve been to the online plant shops looking for flowers and plants to buy for this year. Although I don’t have a “real” backyard, I do have a really nice. large, multi-level deck and I would love to have garden plants surrounding the deck for when we’re hanging out outside. I think I want to grow impatiens since they’re shade-loving plants, and based on the pictures from the landlord, that’s what they planted when they lived here. I already have 3 dwarf Meyer lemon … [Read more...]

Three Green Gardening Tips

Together with the rising prices of fresh produce and the increasing awareness of the health necessity of fresh fruits and vegetables, more and more people are making the decision to turn off their DISH Network channels and take up gardening. There are several ways to get your garden producing and many are surprised to find that the best ways to do so are to initiate green practices. While it is true that sometimes the soil in the backyard might need a little extra help to get your veggies … [Read more...]