Win a $25,000 Kitchen Makeover with @FoodLion SC/NC residents

Living in an older home The townhouse I’m renting was built in the 80s, and so was the condo we rented before it. And the worst part of living in an 80s house is the kitchen. Ugh! I’m not sure which is worse – the outdated cabinetry or the small space. In the townhouse it appears that the landlord tried to make some updates but the craftsmanship was poor. I would love a larger refrigerator and a built-in microwave, which is currently taking up valuable counter space. If I were to makeover this … [Read more...]

When I shop at the grocery store @FoodLion #giveaway


I hate to shop. I shop when I need something specific. Like a pair of shoes for work. Or a dress for a wedding. Or school supplies for the girls. I like to take a list, and I don’t like to dilly-dally. Especially when grocery shopping – I want to go up and down each aisle, cross off the items on my list as I add them to my cart (while I’m mentally keeping tally of the total spent), and move on towards the next item. But the thing that matters most to me at a grocery store? Cleanliness. I want … [Read more...]