Women, Children, and Debt

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Saving in the new year

At the beginning of each year, I plan my budget for the year. I probably should wait until my annual review and raise comes along, but since that’s not guaranteed, now is as good a time as any I guess. One of my budget categories is gifts. In order not to break the bank for gift giving, I take a set amount of of the bank from each pay check. I have a “gift” budget envelope. I buy almost all of our gifts (except Christmas presents) from this envelope – birthday presents, weddings presents, … [Read more...]

Make 1 change a month for a new you


For those of us who still make them, this is the time to make New Year’s Resolutions. And we make them with the best intentions of making them last. BUT, change is hard. And making so many changes at one time is harder. So, instead, make one change a month. That gives you 30 days to get used to each change before you add another one. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Remember – just pick one thing to work on for January. New you – Health. Drink 64 oz. of water each day. If you’re not … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 22 Tips to Save Money While Shopping For Food


Supermarkets actually spend millions of dollars every year into research. the object? They want to find out how better to seduce customers into spending more than they can afford and buying way more than they need. As customers, we need to learn how to counter this strategy. Here are several tips on how you can buy what you need, pay less than what you should, and save money. Always shop for groceries on a full stomach; you won’t be tempted to load your trolley with a lot of cakes, bakes … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Back to School on a Budget

Andrea Woroch

You can hear the groans across the country. Summer has barely begun and already retailers are holding back-to-school sales. Toys R Us actually started their sales July 1, with an end date of July 23. The National Retail Federation says some sales may continue through August, but there might not be the same selection. That's reason enough to consider shopping now. The question is how to save without busting your budget. Here are 11 savings tips to help you through this early shopping … [Read more...]