Elmer’s Say Thank You/1st Day App #BagItForward


The girls have attended 7 days of school already. Lulu is a 3rd grader and Coco is a 1st grader. They’ve both already missed one day because we were on vacation and Coco missed a 2nd day because she had strep throat. I remember their first day of school, and I take a “first day of school” picture every year. Elmer’s can help you capture those 1st day of school memories as well. The Elmer’s 1st Day App can be downloaded from www.the1stday.com. The app is specifically to capture the special … [Read more...]

Back to college…(again)

So I want to take some programming classes to further my career. I actually signed up for my 1st class a few weeks ago, but wasn’t prepared to pay almost $350 upfront and another $350 on October 1st, for one class. Plus $166 for the books for that one class. Ugh – single parenthood is not all its cracked up to be. Oh well, I’ll sign up again for classes in January, and hopefully, will have financial aid in place by then. In the meantime, right after I found out that I couldn’t afford school, … [Read more...]

Back to School – Sniffle Season – Kleenex


With back to school comes colds in my house. For the past 2 years Lulu has missed up to 4 days of school at the beginning of the school year due to catching colds from her classmates. I was hoping to avoid this this year, especially since Coco is now being exposed to those same germs as well. Well, it worked 1/2 way. Lulu didn’t miss any days, although she did catch a gold and go through my sample auto pack of tissues from Kleenex. Coco, on the other hand, missed her 6th day of school because … [Read more...]

Company Kids “BACK TO SCHOOL” Backpack Sale – Until 09/15


Company Kids has the cutest backpacks for your little ones as they head off to school. While my girls have already started school, and we’ve already picked out their backpacks, many of you still have another week or so before school starts – or you can stock up for next year! At only $19 these Company Kids bags, totes, and backpacks are sure to be a hit in your family. I know for sure my 5 year old would love these. The sale last until September 19th for you really last-minute shoppers. I’ve … [Read more...]


Chef Eisel knows how hectic back-to-school time can get and that bringing the family together around the dinner table can be especially stressful. More About David Eisel: David Eisel has been cooking his whole life, but decided to make it a career by going to culinary school at Columbus State Community College. He received his degree and certification from the American Culinary Federation after three years of classes and an apprenticeship at Wedgewood Golf and Country Club. He then worked for … [Read more...]

1st Day of School – My baby is a big girl!

Today was the 1st day of school for Lulu and Coco. I’ve been waiting for this day for 5 1/2 years – LOL! Coco started kindergarten today and Lulu started 2nd grade. Although Lulu is an old hat when it comes to starting school, they were both new students today since we’re in a new school district. What was funny to me was that, as I was getting in the shower they both woke up (in my bed!!), and hugged each other and started talking excited about school. When I got out of the shower and was … [Read more...]