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Improved Meyer Lemon Tree with Bloom

…with container gardening.  Seriously. This is what I’ve got started so far this year: 4 Improved Meyer Lemon Trees 1 spearmint plant seeds germinating for cherry tomatoes This is what I’ve already purchased and am waiting for: 5 cloves elephant garlic 3 beefsteak tomato plants Lime tree Orange tree Tangerine tree Yellow onion sets This is what I’m considering getting: 2 columnar apple trees 1 columnar peach tree Watermelon or cantaloupe … [Read more...]

#review: Improved Meyer Lemon Tree @FastGrowingTree


  About Improved Meyer Lemon Tree It grows indoors and out, withstanding temperatures as low as 22 F. You get a lot of lemons. A great-tasting lemon. Fresh, delightful scent from fresh citrus blooms. FUN tree. Trouble-free citrus tree. facebook | twitter | website My Thoughts on the Improved Meyer Lemon Tree You wanna know how much I like lemon trees? This is my 4th one. I didn’t realize until after I received my delivery that Fast Growing Trees was … [Read more...]