The New Scion iA

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More Than Just A Cup For Ice Cream

You can use ice cream cups to serve various kinds of ice cream at a party or to simply enjoy the cold treat at home, or you can take the cups to the next level. Many of the cups that you see in stores are white or a plain color, making them easy to decorate for a special event. There are various sizes that you can get in the cups depending on the event where you are serving ice cream. Companies like Gelato Products sell several designs of cups ranging from those that are used for birthday … [Read more...]

Raising Unruly Children and Military School

Raising children can be a very difficult task. While many children grow up with no problems whatsoever, there are others who have disorders which must be dealt with. It is essential to give your child the help he or she needs to grow into a well-adjusted adult who can become a productive member of society. Teenagers will often become rebellious. While some of this behavior is to be expected, there are some teenagers who are repeatedly disrespectful to parents, teachers and other people in … [Read more...]

How to Get Through a Divorce Emotionally Intact: For Men

Men are stereotyped as either stoic individuals who never show emotion or as mad men who are angry, physical and irrational. The truth is, they're simply human beings who've been conditioned by society to never show their pain. There's a lot of support out there for women who are going through a divorce; it's what we do. Women surround each other and offer emotional support; men are expected to suck it up and be tough. Here are some ways that men can get through a divorce while still honoring … [Read more...]

Infographic: Growing Generations

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Renovating Your Bathroom? Here’s How to Do it Right

Your bathroom is a space you probably spend a whole lot of time in, even if you don’t think of it that way. After all, you probably get ready in the morning there and end your day in the bathroom as well. If you work from home or spend a lot of time there you likely use it even more throughout the day. However, if you’re like a lot of people you just don’t have the bathroom you want. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom you’re definitely not alone – it is a common thought for … [Read more...]