How to Make your Home Light and Bright

Light can make a huge difference to the feel of a room and will transform a relatively small space into something that feels airy and bright. Perhaps a room in your house is feeling a bit dark or dingy and could do with being brightened up.  We bring together some tips on how to make your home lighter and brighter, from using better light bulbs to a change of decor. Maximizing natural light Your space probably has some natural light shining into it via a window or doorway. The first step … [Read more...]

Who Chooses the Books You Read in School?

If someone were to ask you what books you read in high school, it would probably be a very similar list to the books that have to be read by high school kids today. Books with complicated and dramatic societal themes such as To Kill a Mockingbird and 1984 are considered imperative reads for many schools. While many of the required books are great choices, some parents may find that others are questionable and may have adult-themed content that they don’t think is appropriate for their kids. So … [Read more...]

Creative Baby Shower Gifts

Receiving an invite to a baby shower can invoke different emotions. You are excited to share in the celebrating of a new life, but may feel a bit stress trying to find a gift. You can always rely on the ill-fitting onesies or generic baby bibs. If, however, you want your gift to standout, consider the following creative gift ideas. Sport the Team If the parents are a fan of a sports team, consider purchasing an item that reflects their favorite team. For example, you can find officially … [Read more...]

Contractor Assistance For Jericho Residents

  There are many contractor Jericho or other options that will allow homeowners to make major changes to their home. The family home must be updated over the year, and the investment in those updates returns the investment to the family when they sell. The best thing for a homeowner is working with a contractor who understands the homeowner's needs, brings in the best craftsmen and works quickly. Remodeling certain areas of the home can be more beneficial than others, and the … [Read more...]

Save money on your groceries with fuelperks! #WDblogger

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for more ways to save money on groceries! Always! I clip coupons, I shop the sales (especially the loss leaders), and I try to buy in season. I shop the clearance cart and I buy in bulk. And I also try to stick to my grocery list and meal plan. But I'm sure there are ways that I'm still missing. Learn how to never pay full price for gas again! One of my favorite ways to save at the grocery store, which, surprisingly doesn't include saving on … [Read more...]

How to Save $.25 per Gallon with Sunoco

Sunoco credit card

Last July my daughters and I moved from Columbia, SC to Charlotte, NC. One of the first differences I noticed is the price of gas. It's about $.25 to $.40 more expensive here than it was in Columbia. Ouch! While I knew it was more expensive because we drove up here often enough, it wasn't until I had to regularly fill up my vehicle that I really caught on. Plus, gas has become more expensive over the last several months - separate from the regular price different between the two cities. … [Read more...]