I love summer time. NOT because of sizzling weather here in sunny Columbia, SC but because the girls and I have more opportunities to spend a lot of time together. While we’ve been able to take some weekend trips trips together, we’re limited by their school days. You see I get about 5 weeks of vacation time each year, in addition to the major holidays. So during the summer we’re able to do things together but aren’t limited to traveling on the weekends. This weekend, though, we began to IGNITE … [Read more...]

The SC Book Festival 2012 – Our First Time

Saturday the girls and I stopped by the SC Book Festival. We’ve actually never been to one of these, and found out about it last year right after it ended. So I’ve been keeping up with the festival for the entire past year and had put a reminder in my work calendar on Thursday. Good thing, because I’d actually forgotten about it! We enjoyed it. At first we just walked around to the different booths. As soon as we got down the first aisle, there was a concession stand. Alijah got a pretzel ($5) … [Read more...]

I’m obsessed…#gardening #green #spring

Improved Meyer Lemon Tree with Bloom

…with container gardening.  Seriously. This is what I’ve got started so far this year: 4 Improved Meyer Lemon Trees 1 spearmint plant seeds germinating for cherry tomatoes This is what I’ve already purchased and am waiting for: 5 cloves elephant garlic 3 beefsteak tomato plants Lime tree Orange tree Tangerine tree Yellow onion sets This is what I’m considering getting: 2 columnar apple trees 1 columnar peach tree Watermelon or cantaloupe … [Read more...]

#review: Improved Meyer Lemon Tree @FastGrowingTree


  About Improved Meyer Lemon Tree It grows indoors and out, withstanding temperatures as low as 22 F. You get a lot of lemons. A great-tasting lemon. Fresh, delightful scent from fresh citrus blooms. FUN tree. Trouble-free citrus tree. facebook | twitter | website My Thoughts on the Improved Meyer Lemon Tree You wanna know how much I like lemon trees? This is my 4th one. I didn’t realize until after I received my delivery that Fast Growing Trees was … [Read more...]

Around Town in Columbia, SC

We had an adventure packed Saturday! All 3 of us were tired when we got home. First we went to the All-Local Farmers Market on Whaley Street. For the first time that I can remember – we didn’t buy much. Lulu and I drank cherry lime lizzies and Coco had her usually raspberry iced tea. We bring our own (water) bottles already filled with ice to make it easier. We shared some grits and homemade biscuits with sausage gravy from Gervais and Vine. The grits weren’t as good as they usually are but … [Read more...]