Happy Easter!


Easter Subway Art Free Printable … [Read more...]

Going Green for St. Paddy’s Day

Reusables products do more than save the environment. They help you save money too! I don’t know about you, but saving the environment for future generations, combined with saving money for my family makes reusables a great choice around here. Here are some products which will help you get going on your quest to go green. Little Green Pouch Do you find yourself buying those super convenient food pouches for your kids? I used it. While I loved the ingenious design, and my kids loved sucking out … [Read more...]

Real or fake? Your family’s holiday tradition #ihartholidays


Kevin Hart and his son don’t agree on a Christmas tree.  (See the video in the sidebar) But what about your family? Does your family have this argument every year? Or does everyone agree on the same tree? In case you were wondering – we have a fake tree. And it’s going to stay that way! LOL! Tell Kevin how you settle the argument at your house. Tweet to him @kevinhart4real using the hashtag #ihartholidays. … [Read more...]

Entertaining for the holidays? Fun Meal Planning Ideas

By starting with Bob Evans grocery products and putting in a little bit of effort you can have great sides for your holiday meals.  I had the opportunity ask Bob Evans Chef David Eisel to help me plan holiday meals, save some money, but still have great food and a great presentation. In the video below he offers so many different options for side dishes at the holiday meal, leftover ideas, and an awesome way to dress up an apple pie in a martini glass. Every single idea he presents is … [Read more...]

Starting your holiday shopping early? Environmentalist gift ideas


Well, I’ve got some ideas for you! And, yes, I know. Some of you have already finished your shopping. For everyone on your list. I get it. You’re organized. Well, I’m not. And I’m open to suggestions. So, for those of you who have completed every bit of shopping on your list except for the food you’re going to cook – this post isn’t for you. Bird Feeder Even in winter the birds need to eat. And you can give this great gift for dad.  Combining recycled elements – the tube is recycled … [Read more...]



I love summer time. NOT because of sizzling weather here in sunny Columbia, SC but because the girls and I have more opportunities to spend a lot of time together. While we’ve been able to take some weekend trips trips together, we’re limited by their school days. You see I get about 5 weeks of vacation time each year, in addition to the major holidays. So during the summer we’re able to do things together but aren’t limited to traveling on the weekends. This weekend, though, we began to IGNITE … [Read more...]