TV Safety Initiative: Giveaway by Sanus

Is your family safe from your flat panel television? Flat panel TVs are prone to tipping over. I experienced this first hand. Thankfully no one was injured. The TV in our living room is setting on a stand on a table. It has tipped over not once, but TWICE! in the past 2 years. No one was near the television either time it happened, so, likely, we set it up incorrectly. Flat Panel TV Stats Even so, here are some startling statistics: 2011 US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) … [Read more...]

#greenville See The Sandlot at Flour Field


What: Special Screening of The Sandlot, one of the best sports movies ever THE SANDLOT still captures the hearts of baseball fans young and old and debuted on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack March 26 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment in celebration of the beloved film's 20th anniversary. "A charming and whimsical comedy about boys and baseball and a great big dog" ("Siskel & Ebert"), THE SANDLOT ranked in the Top 40 as one of the best sports movies ever. Who: Directed, narrated, and … [Read more...]

Kids in the Kitchen: iPhone Cooking Apps for Kids


Monkey see, monkey do right? With the gourmet cooking craze in full swing, it’s no surprise that today’s kids want to mimic their parents Top-Chef aspirations. These five apps are going to have you salivating, and your kids itching to let out their inner Gordon Ramsey. You might have to tell them that they have to use their “inside” chef voice! Here are some of the tastiest of the bunch. Crazy Chef - Pizza Maker (TabTale) Kids love pizza right? This app from TabTale taps into that intrinsic … [Read more...]

We used Vudu to watch MIB3! Awesome movie!


It was an interesting experience. I’ve already explained that I’m tech challenged. I planned to use a computer program which connected my laptop to my television and allowed me to stream Sony’s Men In Black 3 to the television that way. If you recall, I pre-ordered MIB3 from Walmart, and, by doing so, I was able to watch the movie on while waiting for the physical copy to arrive in the mail. However, my 3 month old laptop was being repaired. (And that repair cost me $208!) MIB3 on … [Read more...]

The girls and I pre-purchased MIB3 this evening #SEEMIB3


But we don’t have to wait until it’s delivered to view it. With Vudu, we can register online to have the movie mailed to us and receive an early digital copy on November 16th. I’ve never done this before – used Vudu, pre-ordered a movie for delivery, or streamed a movie from my computer to my television – so I’ll let you know how easy it was (or not!). The real fun will be watching Men In Black 3 with my neighbors! follow MIB3 on facebook and twitter At Walmart The girls and I left for Walmart … [Read more...]

Family Movie Night with Flatout Bread


I was recently presented with the opportunity to create a family movie night with my girls, and serve up some delicious Flatout bread. A movie and food? I’m always up for the challenge! And so were the girls. They really enjoy making their own pizza. Usually we order pizza for delivery, but since Alijah and I like pepperoni, and Courtney does not, we order pepperoni pizza and Courtney takes off the pepperoni. And she hates this. She says when she takes the pepperoni off, it takes the cheese off … [Read more...]