Kids in the Kitchen: iPhone Cooking Apps for Kids


Monkey see, monkey do right? With the gourmet cooking craze in full swing, it’s no surprise that today’s kids want to mimic their parents Top-Chef aspirations. These five apps are going to have you salivating, and your kids itching to let out their inner Gordon Ramsey. You might have to tell them that they have to use their “inside” chef voice! Here are some of the tastiest of the bunch. Crazy Chef - Pizza Maker (TabTale) Kids love pizza right? This app from TabTale taps into that intrinsic … [Read more...]

Entertaining for the holidays? Fun Meal Planning Ideas

By starting with Bob Evans grocery products and putting in a little bit of effort you can have great sides for your holiday meals.  I had the opportunity ask Bob Evans Chef David Eisel to help me plan holiday meals, save some money, but still have great food and a great presentation. In the video below he offers so many different options for side dishes at the holiday meal, leftover ideas, and an awesome way to dress up an apple pie in a martini glass. Every single idea he presents is … [Read more...]

Family Movie Night with Flatout Bread


I was recently presented with the opportunity to create a family movie night with my girls, and serve up some delicious Flatout bread. A movie and food? I’m always up for the challenge! And so were the girls. They really enjoy making their own pizza. Usually we order pizza for delivery, but since Alijah and I like pepperoni, and Courtney does not, we order pepperoni pizza and Courtney takes off the pepperoni. And she hates this. She says when she takes the pepperoni off, it takes the cheese off … [Read more...]

When I shop at the grocery store @FoodLion #giveaway


I hate to shop. I shop when I need something specific. Like a pair of shoes for work. Or a dress for a wedding. Or school supplies for the girls. I like to take a list, and I don’t like to dilly-dally. Especially when grocery shopping – I want to go up and down each aisle, cross off the items on my list as I add them to my cart (while I’m mentally keeping tally of the total spent), and move on towards the next item. But the thing that matters most to me at a grocery store? Cleanliness. I want … [Read more...]



I love summer time. NOT because of sizzling weather here in sunny Columbia, SC but because the girls and I have more opportunities to spend a lot of time together. While we’ve been able to take some weekend trips trips together, we’re limited by their school days. You see I get about 5 weeks of vacation time each year, in addition to the major holidays. So during the summer we’re able to do things together but aren’t limited to traveling on the weekends. This weekend, though, we began to IGNITE … [Read more...]

#bookreview: Okay, So I Got Fat by Gigi Verrey @okaysoigotfat

Book: Okay, So I Got Fat Author: Gigi Verrey ISBN: 978-09835778-0-5 Pages/Price: 152/$19.95 Category: Cooking/Methods/Quick & Easy About Okay, So I Got Fat An easy way to shop for and cook healthy meals so you no longer have to choose between a busy schedule and eating well. Tired of feeling fat, overwhelmed, and stressed? Have you lost the will and energy to go on yet another fad diet? If you answered yes – Okay, So I Got Fat is the easy long-term solution to bring sanity and … [Read more...]