Are you overlooking easy discounts?


Even novice couponers know the best source for grocery-store discounts (the Sunday circular) and have the smarts to time their shopping trips around a sale. However, unless you're an extreme saver with surplus storage space for toothpaste and toilet paper, you may not be aware of many discounts crossing your path every day. Before you let another dime go down the drain, check this list of the most overlooked discounts and be sure to include them in your savings plan. 1. Receipt Coupons I … [Read more...]

Make 1 change a month for a new you


For those of us who still make them, this is the time to make New Year’s Resolutions. And we make them with the best intentions of making them last. BUT, change is hard. And making so many changes at one time is harder. So, instead, make one change a month. That gives you 30 days to get used to each change before you add another one. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Remember – just pick one thing to work on for January. New you – Health. Drink 64 oz. of water each day. If you’re not … [Read more...]

Holiday Planning Tips – Is it that time already? @Storkie

This Thanksgiving will be the first year since we’ve moved to SC that we haven’t spent here. This Thanksgiving, the girls, my dad, and I are driving to Cleveland. Let me back up – the plan is for my dad to fly down to Columbia, SC at the beginning of November, and stay here until we drive back to Cleveland. I’m so excited to see my dad. My mom isn’t quite so excited. They’re divorced. And they have been for 21 years. Anyway, here are 10 ideas to help you plan your holidays. 1. Lists. I’m a big … [Read more...]

Juice in the City – $5 for $10 at Nothing But Noodles #JITC #Charlotte


About Nothing But Noodles Nothing but Noodles is a fast-casual restaurant dedicated to providing the highest quality, best tasting, made to order noodle and global pasta dishes available. We fill the void between the typical fast-food outlet that so many people frequent due to lack of choices and time constraints and a full service dining experience that is both costly and time consuming. Within 15 minutes of entering the store, customers are enjoying a wok-seared bowl of noodles or a garden … [Read more...]

Back to college…(again)

So I want to take some programming classes to further my career. I actually signed up for my 1st class a few weeks ago, but wasn’t prepared to pay almost $350 upfront and another $350 on October 1st, for one class. Plus $166 for the books for that one class. Ugh – single parenthood is not all its cracked up to be. Oh well, I’ll sign up again for classes in January, and hopefully, will have financial aid in place by then. In the meantime, right after I found out that I couldn’t afford school, … [Read more...]

I bought my last pair of prescription glasses online


I really did. I found a deal for buy one pair get one pair free. I spent $65 or $66 total, so about $33 per pair. I thought it was a GREAT deal. I was quote just under $150 for 1 pair locally. As a single mom of 2, I need to make my money last longer. My co-workers thought I was crazy, but my glasses came in the mail and they fit wonderfully. Maybe you’re not comfortable buying discount eyeglasses online. BUT, even if you just use them for a backup pair for yourself or your children, it’s a … [Read more...]