#kindle freebie: The Handbook of Vintage Remedies

For today, Wednesday, February 13, 2013 (my mom’s birthday, by the way) The Handbook of Vintage Remedies is free on Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle reading device, that’s okay – because you can read this and other Kindle books on your computer and on your smartphone. About The Handbook of Vintage Remedies(From amazon.com’s product page) Revised and updated Second Edition now available! Master Herbalist, Jessie Hawkins, opens the world of natural medicine, making it readily available to the … [Read more...]

#bookreview: Okay, So I Got Fat by Gigi Verrey @okaysoigotfat

Book: Okay, So I Got Fat Author: Gigi Verrey ISBN: 978-09835778-0-5 Pages/Price: 152/$19.95 Category: Cooking/Methods/Quick & Easy About Okay, So I Got Fat An easy way to shop for and cook healthy meals so you no longer have to choose between a busy schedule and eating well. Tired of feeling fat, overwhelmed, and stressed? Have you lost the will and energy to go on yet another fad diet? If you answered yes – Okay, So I Got Fat is the easy long-term solution to bring sanity and … [Read more...]

Review: Active Imagination Activity Book

Book: Active Imagination Activity Book: 50 Sensorimotor Activities for Children to Improve Focus, Attention, Strength, and Coordination Author: Kelly Tilley, MCISc, OTR/L Publisher: Sensory World ISBN: 978-1935567288 Pages/Price: 54/$19.95 Category: Children's Health/Autism & Asperger's Syndrome About Active Imagination Activity Book Childhood is a time filled with new motor challenges and all kinds of hurdles; Kids are busy learning to tie their shoes, zipper their jackets, ride a … [Read more...]

Review and Giveaway: The Portable Pediatrician: Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Health – Ends 03/25

Book: The Portable Pediatrician: Everything You Need to Know About Your Child's Health Authors: William Sears, M.D., Martha Sears R.N., Robert Sears, M.D., James Sears, M.D., Peter Sears M.D. Publisher: Little, Brown and Company ISBN: 9780316017480 Pages/Price: 592/$21.99 Category: Family and Relationships About The Portable Pediatrician Imagine you are up at three o'clock in the morning with a sick child. Wouldn't it be nice to have expert advice readily at hand to help get … [Read more...]

#Review Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages by Dr Tom Potisk @tompostisk


Book: Whole Health Healing: The Budget-Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages Author: Dr. Tom Potisk Publisher: MavenMark Books ISBN: 978-1595980694 Pages/Price: 396/$24.95 Category: Alternative Health About Whole Health Healing At some point in their lives, most Americans face the high-cost, high-risk traditional medical system.  Soon afterward they are fed up with it.  But now Dr. Tom Potisk's book, Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for … [Read more...]

Greening the Pink of Breast Cancer Awareness Month – the Environment’s Impact on Breast Cancer

About the Breast Cancer Fund The Breast Cancer Fund works to connect the dots between breast cancer and exposures to chemicals and radiation in our everyday environments. We translate the growing body of scientific evidence linking breast cancer and environmental exposures into public education and advocacy campaigns that protect our health and reduce breast cancer risk. We help transform how our society thinks about and uses chemicals and radiation, with the goal of preventing breast … [Read more...]