Ships Ahoy! Gauging Your Boat Lift Needs!

When the time comes to purchase your own boat, one thing you will want to consider is the type of lift needed to get it in and out of the water. Checking on boat lift prices may lead you to want to buy a used lift and make any necessary repairs yourself or you may even want to assemble one yourself. There are several different types of lifts we shall describe.

Boat House Lifts- If you have a boat house that has wood beams that run across the stall, this is the lift you will want. A boat house lift generally work with any kind of boat house and make the process of getting the boat into and out of the water very easy.

Piling Mount Lifts- These types of lifts are for use when you have access to your own personal dock and do not have a boat house. The lift is attached directly to the wood pilings.

Side Mount Lifts- These lifts are necessary when space is at a premium or in waterways that are very narrow. These can be mounted onto sea walls, pilings, and other constructions.

There are several other specialized and less used but still wonderfully functional options such as PWC lifts, cargo lifts, handicap lifts, and freestanding lifts. Any of the aforementioned options are available from bigger boat lift and boat lift accessory companies such as Lunmar.

Don’t let the fear or stress of figuring out how you are going to get the boat out of the water keep you from getting one. As long as you know that landscape of where you will be storing it, the choices almost make themselves and then you can decide to install yourself or have it professionally installed.

Boat lifts are one of the easiest ways to ensure that caring for your boat remains easy and worry free and can aid you in helping you keep your boat in tip top shape for many years to come. Your family, your wallet, and your boat will very definitely thank you for it.

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