Knobs Or Pulls?

If you’re looking for a way to change the look of the cabinets and drawers in your home, then consider installing wire pulls instead of knobs. There are several advantages to having this kind of hardware instead of a round knob that you would probably normally install.

This kind of pull is easy to add as all you need to do is use two or three screws to place the piece on the drawer or cabinet. There are various sizes of the pulls available, and you can get different colors as well. They are easy to match the other hardware in the room, and you can paint some of them to match the rest of what you have in the room. You can turn the pulls in a horizontal or vertical direction depending on the size of the cabinets or drawers.

When you start looking for pulls, take into consideration the size of the face of the cabinets or drawers. If you have smaller surfaces, then you might need something that is slender in size. Larger surfaces often look best with pulls of larger sizes. You can find this hardware in shapes that have a ledge to make it easy to pull open, or you can get a slender design that is a basic wire shape. These are called cup pulls, and you can usually find elegant designs in this shape. They can make a room look contemporary or appear as though it has an older feel simply by changing the style of the pull that you get.

Adding pulls on surfaces in a room is a minimal investment, but it can give a room a complete makeover. Try to find something that will blend with the rest of the room. If you have darker colors, then consider either a copper color or black. Silver works well with lighter colors. Avoid using white because this can stand out in the room, making the pulls appear too noticeable. If you want to keep knobs in the room, then try sets of knobs on upper cabinets and pulls on lower drawers and cabinets, and make sure they are of the same color so that they look uniform.

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