5 Back to School Gift Ideas for Your Child

It’s back-to-school season!  Most parents are looking forward to sending their kids back to school. Sure summer is a nice break. However, the school year routine is also nice. It can be hard on parents to entertain their kids throughout the day. Sadly, most kids do not feel the same excitement about heading back to the classroom. They usually wish summer could stay around forever. If your child feels this way, you might want to invest in a few back to school gifts. There are many personalized gifts for children that can help your child feel more excited about going to school. The following are five of my top 5 gift ideas:

1 – Stickers

When you are purchasing school supplies for your child, you might consider getting a few stickers as well. This will allow your child to decorate his or her folders or school belongings. These make wonderful personalized gifts for girls.

2 – Lunch Pails

Another fun gift idea is a lunch pail. If you are looking for fun personalized gifts for boys, a lunch pail is a good option. You can find an assortment of fun lunch pails that kids love taking to school. These lunch pails coordinate with your child’s favorite book. They will help encourage them to read more and feel confident in their love for learning.

3 – Books

If you want to celebrate your child’s progress, it might be fun to get them a new book. You can read this together as a family or let him or her read the book alone. Doing a quick search had me find an extensive collection of books that one can personalize, including my personal favorite “Sea Monster’s First Day.”  This is a fun story that parallels what it is like for your child to go to his or her first day of school.

4 – Gift Cards

For older children, it might be nice to get a gift card to a bookstore. This will enable them to select a favorite book. Although this gift may seem impersonal, it actually celebrates learning and allows your child to explore their individuality. You might be surprised what he or she chooses to read.

5 – Placemats

A lot of times, back to school gifts are purchased for younger children who are having a difficult time coping with attending school for the first time. This is especially true of preschool aged children. If your child is struggling with separation anxiety, it might be fun to make a bigger deal of the time you get to spend after school is over. A lot of parents purchase special personalized placements so lunchtime becomes a special activity. There are a variety of different placemats to choose from depending on what your child likes.

These five gift ideas are great suggestions if your child needs help coping with the idea of going back to school. Take advantage of them today so you can make learning more personal for your child.

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