Americans and Flags

There is a recently published article that says one of the things the British find exasperating about Americans is their overzealous patriotism. Well, exasperating or not, Americans do love their country and they are proud to show that love.

One such way is with their flags. They display flags everywhere, from tall flagpoles in their yards to small flagpoles hanging from their porches. Some of them attach flags to their car antennae or set flags on their desks. They hang large flags on walls and wave tiny flags at national and local celebrations. On the somber side, they cover important people’s caskets with flags and leave flags and memorial markers at their graves.

Their love of flags doesn’t extend only to their national flag. They also love state flags, religious flags, flags for sports teams, flags for the police and firefighters and many others. Novelty flags, such as Jolly Roger pirate flags or flags with fun things like fruit, are also popular. For those with strong ties to the lands of their ancestors, they love those countries’ flags as well.

Americans also revel in history. They thrill at the stories of the Revolutionary War and are sobered and saddened by the events of the Civil War. They want to keep their history alive, and to that end, they sometimes enact the past. There are locations where people dress up as the heroes of the Revolutionary War or engage in reenacting the bloody battles of the Civil War. For these events, they like to have historical flags that match the eras.

Sometimes they also enjoy having historical flags just for their own personal use, as a remembrance of the past. They love replicas of Betsy Ross’s original flag design or the changing designs through the years as more states were added to America’s makeup. Southerners still revere the Confederate flag and some still display it as a monument to the cause. There are flags with famous historical quotes such as “Don’t Tread On Me” and “Remember the Alamo.”

It seems that Americans have flags for almost every imaginable aspect of their country and their lives. It’s no wonder that there are so many flag shops throughout the nation and that they make such good money. Whether you’re looking for a specific flag or are just curious about the idea, it’s fun to browse stores such as and see what’s available.

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