The Right foundation for Rooftop Patios

When building an elevated deck that rides above an existing structure, people are often faced with several challenges. The sloped surface of the roof must be maintained for proper water drainage, yet consumers also need a level surface that’s appropriate for regular use. There are a few options available for creating this elevated deck while maintaining the proper drainage.

Perfect Measurement of Angled Supports
When building a floating deck on an elevated surface, the supports must be angled on the bottom edge to match the existing structural angle. This requires great care and patience to ensure that every support is plumb coming up to the floating deck but also perfectly aligned with the existing sloped surface. The professionals are highly skilled at this, but it requires extra time and labor to get it right. A better option is a specially designed support with a rotating base, such as the pedestals from Elevated Deck Systems. With a rotating base, the lower angle can be matched perfectly without moving the support column out of alignment.

The Right Material for Drainage
Another challenge with these floating decks is that the area between the existing slope and the level, finished deck will still drain water and move it away from the structure. This means that wood sitting directly on the surface will be more prone to rotting. A better choice is a system made of durable metal and plastics that will easily support the new deck without being harmed by the water draining away from the building.

Adequate Air and Water Movement
The surface cannot be leveled out without allowing for drainage, and consumers also need to account for proper airflow to prevent the development of mold. The best systems will elevate the deck while allowing water and air to easily move through the level surface to the original structure beneath. This ensures that water won’t build up on the walking surface while maintaining proper draining out of sight. With adequate supports, a floating deck that holds tiles or wood planks can be constructed to meet both of these needs.

If you have a rooftop that could be finished off into a functional outdoor space, then learn more about finishing it off with the help of specialized supports. With the right foundation, you can enjoy more outdoor living space without changing the drainage on the house. You might even improve the value of your home by taking that simple rooftop and turning it into a more functional space.

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