Working in the elements in cold weather

When you have to do a job at a location without central heating and proper insulation, the cold can be one of your biggest issues. It slows down how quickly people can work, and it makes them enjoy the job less, so it can be a hhindranceto both morale and productivity. Often, contractors and others who work in industries that are impacted by this will turn to job-site heaters that are portable. If you’re going to use these, you need to know how to do it safely. These tips can help.

1. Keep the heaters away from all surfaces.
You know how the fire department tells you that you should not store anything in your basement within 3 feet of your furnace? The same goes for a portable heater. You want to keep it away from all interior wall surfaces and other equipment and supplies. Try to keep at least 3 feet on all sides. This ensures that the hot surfaces on the heater will not touch anything that is flammable.

2. Use proper ventilation.
This does not apply to electric heaters in the vast majority of cases as they do not have any emissions. However, for gas-powered heaters, the fumes have to be vented from the building for safe operation. You never want to run them in a totally enclosed space. This may sound like common knowledge, but it is very easy to forget that you need ventilation when you are trying to close off all entrances to keep the heat in. Remember to find a good balance between heat retention and proper ventilation for the fumes.

3. Only use approved repair methods.
If a heater breaks down, you never want to try to repair it with parts that are not designed specifically for that purpose. It does not matter if you get your portable heater parts from Equip Supply or another source; no matter where they are from, you must double-check to see that they work with the make and model of heater that you own, and you never want to try improvised repairs.

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