How to Make your Home Light and Bright

Light can make a huge difference to the feel of a room and will transform a relatively small space into something that feels airy and bright. Perhaps a room in your house is feeling a bit dark or dingy and could do with being brightened up.  We bring together some tips on how to make your home lighter and brighter, from using better light bulbs to a change of decor.

Maximizing natural light

Your space probably has some natural light shining into it via a window or doorway. The first step is to maximize what nature is already providing. Give that glass a thorough clean, inside and out. Next, think about whether anything is obscuring the light. If you have heavy, dark colored curtains then this can add to the dingy feel of a space. Consider replacing them with white or cream roller blinds, or blinds made from wooden slats. Adding natural tones like this will increase the light airiness of a room.

Blinds can also be rolled up completely to allow maximum natural light to shine into the room. It’s also worth considering what’s outside your window; if a tree is blocking out the natural light then you may want to consult a tree surgeon about cutting it back.

Lighting options

Once you’ve maximized your natural light, it’s time to think about the actual lighting. The brightest lights aren’t necessarily the best and you may want to choose lighting options that produce a softer, warmer glow. Different light bulbs create different effects and the right light shade can make all the difference. Adding lamps to a room is a great idea so you can switch off the central light of an evening to create more of a cozy space.

A change of decor

Sometimes, the decor in a room can leave it feeling darker and smaller than it really is. If you’ve used dark colors on the walls or floor then consider switching to a lighter alternative. Neutral, natural colors, such as cream or duck-egg blue, can make the room feel much more open and spacious.

If you have a dark carpet then investigate when is underneath. Are there quality floorboards hiding away that you could unveil, sand and varnish? In addition, there’s always the option of adding lighter colored rugs or switching to a mock-wood floor.

Then consider the fabrics of the room that needs brightening. Is the upholstery on your sofa or chairs a bit shabby? Then perhaps invest in some new, light-colored throws along with some colorful cushion covers.

Clutter can also make a room feel enclosed and unwelcoming. Have a good clear out and invest in new storage so that more space is freed up, you’ll marvel at the difference such a simple change can make. Follow these steps and your space should be left feeling lighter, brighter and more inviting than ever before.

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