Working from home is tough!


I use Grammarly’s plagiarism check because being surrounded by a bunch of kids around doesn’t give you enough ideas for topics to write about!

Between December and January it’s a whirlwind of activity around here!

First there’s Christmas, and the girls had a blast! We were so amazed at all the gifts, cards, and prayers we received from friends all over the country.

Then we have New Year’s Day, and they’re about 50:50 on whether or not they actually make it to midnight to celebrate. This year we celebrated with some friends, although my habitual puking seemed to put a small damper on things.

Right around the corner came Courtney’s 8th birthday, celebrated in concert with her friend Valencia – although Courtney likes to share that she’s several hours older than Valencia!

Just over a week later (8 days, to be exact) and we were at Alijah’s 10th birthday! She was able to celebrate her birthday with her classmate Nadia whose birthday was 4 days prior. Alijah and Courtney slept over at Nadia’s house along with another classmate, Jada. I was able to have an evening to myself, well, almost, since Spencer was around…

I also decided to start a blog showing other moms how to work from home and I already have 3 women who I’m teaching. As if that wasn’t enough, I’m taking new writing clients AND I’m starting a PLR site. Cause I’ve got nothing else to do, right?

Then we get to this weekend which turns out to be a really long weekend. Monday is Martin Luther King Day and Tuesday is a teacher work day. So the 6 year old from upstairs asks if she could sleep over. Of course, I say. It’s not like she just slept over on Friday night or anything…

But she can’t sleep over all by herself. The 11-year old from across the hall decides that it would be a great night for him to sleep over as well. Why not? Apparently my living room floor (cause that’s where he’s sleeping) is a wonderful place to be on a Sunday night.

So I’ve got 3 children who are awake (and they’re all engrossed on whatever’s holding their attention on their individual tablets) and one (my oldest) who is asleep in MY bed. With me. Go figure…

In the meantime, I’ve got some Bible reading to do, several blog posts to write, and some sleep to catch up on.

Entertaining your own kids on the weekend is tough. Entertaining someone else’s is tougher. Especially when you have several hours of writing to do, and there are 3 different tablets each making noise in the background.

Disclosure: I received a promotional item for writing this post.

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