Review: Musical Turtle Nightlight

About Musical Turtle Nightlight

musical_nightlight_turtleThis Musical Turtle Nightlight Moon Star Projector Lamp makes a great addition to your child’s bedroom. It can project a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of rooms, which create magical and tranquil environments that are ideal for easing your child into a restful sleep. It is a fun and educational nightlight designed to help bring awareness to endangered sea animals.

My Thoughts on Musical Turtle Nightlight

My 8 year old daughter really enjoys this musical turtle nightlight. I was hoping that another nightlight in Courtney’s room would get her to sleep in her room all night long.

Wishful thinking on my part.

It got her to play with this toy in her bedroom, but it doesn’t make her sleep in there. Not that it was supposed to, but I certainly a valiant try.

This nightlight is plush, except for the plastic shell on top of the turtle. It’s the holes in the shell that project onto your child’s walls and ceiling. The stars are so pretty in a darkened room, and my daughter and her friends would even hide out in the closet just so they could play with the nightlight, while it was too early for it to be dark outside.

We’ve had this nightlight for several months now, and the batteries have held up just fine, so it doesn’t use much power at all.

Another two cool features are that the light changes colors, depending upon the setting you use, and it also blinks the lights on and off. The lights can be blue, yellow, orange, and green. There are also a few different sounds like an ocean sound and soothing music.

While there are other Tmart Night Lights, we liked this one best for children.

Some nights Courtney would actually sleep with the nightlight on the bed right next to her,while other nights she would keep it at the bottom of her bed. Another option is to simply turn it on wherever the nightlight lives – on the dresser, on a nightstand, in a corner of the room on the floor, or some other place.

Although the nightlight was shipped from outside of the country, it arrived within a reasonable time period, but keep the distance and time in mind if you plan on ordering this product as a gift

Disclosure: We received a free product from in hopes that we would review it. The opinions expressed above are 100% our own.

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