Taking Spencer to the Park

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Our weekday doggy routine

Spencer at the park with the girlsNow that the girls have been back in school for a few months, they aren’t able to spend as much time with Spencer as they used to. So everyone gets super excited when they come back together again, and the girls are usually excited to take him out when they get home in the evenings.

As long as there’s still light outside the girls are allowed to walk him without me. Usually that “walk” turns into 30 or 40 minutes, but I’m okay with that since they’re getting the fresh air they all need.

I’m the morning dog walker. I set my alarm for 6:30am and he and I head out for our quick morning walk. I used to like the few minutes that we spent together, but the weather is getting cooler and my pajamas aren’t made for keeping the wind and cold from me. At the same time, I’m to lazy to change into real pants, only to have to change them again when I jump in the shower. I need to work on my laziness.

During the week we usually come home, take Spencer out, and then start dinner. If we have errands to run, we’ll usually run back out and complete them before we eat. It makes for extra work to leave the apartment again after picking up the girls from after-school care, but it’s much better than leaving the dog in the cage for longer than he already needs to be.

Our weekend doggie routine

On the weekends we try to run as many errands as we can with Spencer in order to squeeze as much time as possible with him. He’s a good car rider whether he’s riding in the front with me, or hanging out in the back with the girls. We always make sure to have a water bowl and a bottle of water just in case he needs it. We also always take a few plastic grocery bags in case he poops when we get to our destination; we don’t like to leave those kids of “presents” for other people to find.

When we have pizza and movie night on Friday or Saturdays nights each week, the girls invite Spencer to watch along with us. He usually has a place of honor right in my spot on the couch which gives me an excuse to read a book while they’re watching the movie. Unfortunately, it’s been so long since I’ve seen an adult movie (or even a PG-13 one) that I take my “breaks” when I can get them. As long as we’re in the same room they’re good with me reading. And as long as I keep the popcorn or other snacks flowing. <<wink!>>

The park

One of the girls’ favorite destinations with Spencer is the park. First, because they like to take him down and up the slide. And second, because they meet so many more new “friends” when they bring the cute little puppy with them. But it’s not just at the park. At our apartment complex the other kids get excited to see Spencer in the mornings while they’re waiting on the school bus. As far as Coco and Lulu are concerned, 8-month old Spencer is a friend-magnet!

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