Need a little extra cash?

Cash isn’t super tight around here, but I do like to save or earn extra money when I can. I’ve done different things to earh extra money and it always seems to come in handy right when I need it.

Here’s a list of some of the things we’ve done to save or earh money.

1. Cook from scratch. It has always been my experience that I’m able to save quite a bit of money cooking from scratch. I also feel good knowing exactly what I’m feeding my family. I try to avoid processed foods when I can, but do acknowledge that there are times when I can’t. For example, when I’m sick or super busy, I do go the route of buying prepared or convenience foods, but I try to make sure that doesn’t happen too often.

2. Reusables. We use reusable paper towels and napkins around here, and I even use reusable feminine products. For many people that’s gross, but for me it’s been a lifesaver! That time of the month is more comfortable now. We also don’t buy bottled water, which makes people look at us strangely.

3. Sell, sell, sell. As Courtney, my youngest, outgrows her clothes, we sell the ones that are still in great shape. Granted, I only make $1-$2 per item, but I turn around and spend that money on clothes for Alijah, my oldest, and am able to save quite a bit of money in the process. I also sell our old books, knick knacks, CDs, games, and DVDs.  Moving forced me to downsize, which was a blessing. I still have too much stuff for the space we’re in, but I’m slowly getting rid of things we don’t need. I’m selling, donating, and giving away lots of things and it feels so good to do so.

4. Shop sales. I got a great deal on the Sunday newspaper delivery and I diligently clip coupons to use at the grocery store. Although I’ve been out of practice for awhile, it’s still not a time-consuming process, and I’m able to save at least $5 on each grocery store visit. But, make sure that you’re not spending a lot of time and gas running from store to store trying to get the deals – which negates any of your savings. Pick one or two stores to shop at, and stick with them.

The one thing I used to do but got out of the habit of doing was put all of my savings into my savings account. This means that if I save $5 at the grocery store, then I put $5 into my savings account. I only counted savings from coupons, not sales, since I may not have made the purchase if the product wasn’t on sale to begin with. It was fun to see my savings grow week after week, and then treat myself and the girls to something fun with the money. I need to start that back up.

None of these ideas alone adds up to a whole lotta money, but when you combine different methods of saving they do. What do you do to save or earn extra money at home?


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  1. Cooking from scratch saves me plenty of money. I’m going to sell me some CDs and DVDs too. I just posted a ton of stuff on ebay for sale. I need to downsize.

  2. I have totally used family cloth!!! Lol i don’t blog about it really and we’re not doing it right now, but I really love my velour ones :) gets everything nice and clean!!