Kids in the Kitchen: iPhone Cooking Apps for Kids

Monkey see, monkey do right? With the gourmet cooking craze in full swing, it’s no surprise that today’s kids want to mimic their parents Top-Chef aspirations. These five apps are going to have you salivating, and your kids itching to let out their inner Gordon Ramsey. You might have to tell them that they have to use their “inside” chef voice! Here are some of the tastiest of the bunch.

Crazy Chef – Pizza Maker (TabTale)

Pizza Crazy Chef 1Kids love pizza right? This app from TabTale taps into that intrinsic enthusiasm for the timeless finger food in a way that is going to turn your kids into regular pizzaiolo. You’ve heard of “from farm to table,” well Crazy Chef takes you from flour and water to mouth watering! You can make the dough and sauce, top your creation, bake, deliver, and even eat the za! Kids are going to love the unconventional topping options that allow them to give their pies cute faces with real personality. Watch out, some of these pizzas might bite back!

Chinese Food (Crazy Cats)

ChineseFoodBreak out the chopsticks! We like this Chinese food maker because it it different, and because you get to fry noodles! Mainly because you get to fry noodles… The best part? Serving up Chinese food favorites in classic containers, and this app has none of the fat, sodium, or MSG of your usual Friday night take-out!

Cake Pop Maker (Bake More Cake Maker)
CakePopWith cake pops literally popping up in sweet stores all over, now kids can learn how to make them digitally.  This food maker app lets you mix the ingredients, stir the batter, bake your pops and put them on colorful sticks.  Once you’ve made your cake pops, it’s time to unleash your creative side and decorate your pop.  Give your pops some sprinkles, a face, or cute animal friends. This app is popping!


Cotton Candy (Bluebear Technologies)
CottonCandyChildren love fairs for many reasons; the rides, the games, but most importantly; the food!  In this app kids can make a fair food staple: cotton candy.  First you can choose your candy sugar, mix it all up and spin your cotton candy in the machine.  Once you’ve made your cotton candy you can decorate it to your heart’s desire.  Not only can you make cotton candy in this app but it also has a hungry chef game where you move the device to feed the chef – just make sure he doesn’t get hit by a frog pot! This app is perfect for children and loads of fun!

Pie Maker (Sunstorm)
PieMakerIn this delicious food maker, you’re able to choose your crust and your favorite filling and mix all of the necessary ingredients to make your favorite custom pie.  The number of options in this app are great – the fillings range from blueberry to banana cream!  The only downside to the app?  Your realistic looking custom-made pie will leave you dying to take a real bite.  With additional games like “top chop” and “food challenge,” this app has it all!

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