Entertaining for the holidays? Fun Meal Planning Ideas

By starting with Bob Evans grocery products and putting in a little bit of effort you can have great sides for your holiday meals.  I had the opportunity ask Bob Evans Chef David Eisel to help me plan holiday meals, save some money, but still have great food and a great presentation. In the video below he offers so many different options for side dishes at the holiday meal, leftover ideas, and an awesome way to dress up an apple pie in a martini glass.

Every single idea he presents is usable, easy to do, and looks amazing! He even gave me ideas to help get my daughters involved in the process, which they’ve love, by the way.

For more meal-planning ideas using Bob Evans grocery products head on over to: http://mashed.bobevans.com/. The Classy Carbonara Mashtini™ looks amazingly delicious!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Bob Evans Farms. I really did ask the questions he answers, and I’ll receive a promotional item for participating.

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  1. The Sweet Tater Twist looks and sounds delicious! It will definitely make it to my holiday food list. I’ve never thought of adding maple syrup to my sweet potatoes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can’t imagine just buying the breast, although it is a good tip. But I love left over turkey!

    The mashtini is AWESOME. I actually have that recipe clipped – I saw it in the paper last week!

  3. sweet tater twist- how awesome! love it..thanks

  4. Oh that is so cool that you got to ask him questions. We’re planning a family Christmas breakfast at my besties house so I’m going to check this out. We’re looking for fun and new breakfast ideas.

  5. Meal planning is a great tip for saving money :)


  6. David has some great ideas, thanks for sharing (and good questions)…I always want new ideas for sides because the same thing can be stale (and saving money never hurts)…thanks!