Inexpensive ways to update your kids’ rooms

As your children get older, you start to make changes to their bedrooms. But oftentimes you need to be able to update their rooms without spending a lot of money. Or at least that’s the case in my house. Here are some tips to updating your children’s rooms in a budget.

1. Convertible crib. If your baby is still in the oven, you can purchase a convertible crib which will grow with your child. It starts off as a crib, changes to a toddler bed, and then ends up as a full size bed. This option may be a little more expensive upfront than a regular crib, but when you factor in longevity, it’s actually a great deal.



2. Bunk beds. To free up floor space for a playing area, bunk beds are great. They’re also perfect for smaller rooms. And when your children get tired of climbing up and down the ladder, you can separate the beds to give each child their own space in the same room, or break them up and give each child their own room.

3. Wall hangings and paint. Update your child’s bedroom quickly and easily by changing the wall color and updating the pictures, paintings, and wall hangings. You can make this even more inexpensive by using wrapping paper, old wall paper, or your child’s school arwork at the pictures inside the frames. Also, vinyl wall decals are usually a good value, easily replaceable, and have many different patterns, quotes, and designs.

6. Storage options. Replace the plastic toy bins with updated fabric or painted wood storage solutions. If you find ones that double as extra seating, you’re child will think you’re cool again.

7. Reuse furniture. There’s no need to go out and spend hundreds or thousands on a new bed set. Reuse what you already have. Dressers and nightstands can be painted and drawer knobs can be changed. If you have unused wood or can get some on Craigslist or freecycle, then invest in some sweat equity and build a desk or a bookcase. A little imagination, several hours on the weekend, and you have new furniture for very little out of pocket expense.

8. Change the lighting. By replacing lampshades or light covers you can instantly transform a room. Paint the blades of the fan, and any visitor will think you purchased a new one.

Updating your child’s room may seem daunting and expensive at first glance, but it really doesn’t have to be. And when you and your child decide together what changes to made, the process becomes even more fun.

4. Add rugs. Use throw rugs in different places within the room. Use throw rugs to help seperate sections of the room. For example, the reading or homework area has a rug under the desk and chair, and the area between the beds has a small runner. Use mats for leisure or bean bags to define the TV-watching and game-playing area.

5. Change the sheets and bed spreads. Just a simple change of color of the sheets, throws, blankets, or bed spreads can change the look of a room. You don’t have t spend a lot of money – strategically buy them at the end of the season and you can get these pieces for a steal!

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