Family Movie Night with Flatout Bread

I was recently presented with the opportunity to create a family movie night with my girls, and serve up some delicious Flatout bread. A movie and food? I’m always up for the challenge! And so were the girls. They really enjoy making their own pizza. Usually we order pizza for delivery, but since Alijah and I like pepperoni, and Courtney does not, we order pepperoni pizza and Courtney takes off the pepperoni. And she hates this. She says when she takes the pepperoni off, it takes the cheese off too. So we don’t order pizza for delivery too often.


So we came up with a game plan for family movie night. We went to Walmart and found the new Thin Crust Flatbreads Artisan Pizza and various pizza ingredients, soda, ice cream, cream cheese, canned fruit, and pajamas! Pj’s, you ask? Yep! We decided that we’d dress in matching pj’s for family movie night. The girls were so excited and they really enjoyed my idea. Except we couldn’t agree on matching jammies. So we compromised. We all chose pajamas with tops and bottoms instead of pajamas with nightgowns.


The only problem was that, although we bought them in our standard sizes, they all ran small. I was surprised about mine most of all, considering that I’ve been losing weight lately, but mine were super tight. We wore them anyway, but I am not showing a full photo of myself in the pajamas. I won’t embarrass myself like that. Smile

The girls had a great time. We all made our own pizzas, and then they did their homework and had snacks while the pizza and garlic bread were in the oven. When the pizza was ready we sat in the living room and had pizza, garlic bread, and soda (I drank water) while we watched the movie.


Flatout Bread Collage



The pizza was amazing. We all ate our entire pizzas and had a few rolls each. We were going to also make an apple pie dessert pizza, but we were full, and the girls needed to get in the bed.

P1010499We had already purchased a $5 movie at Walmart – Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls, so that’s the movie we chose. What I didn’t realize was that it was rated PG13, and for very good reason. I spent quite a bit of time fast forwarding the movie and the girls also spent time averting their eyes. I actually liked the movie; it just wasn’t appropriate for my daughters.

For your next family movie night, try making your own pizzas using Flatout Bread. You’ll be glad you did. We certainly were.

Disclosure: I was provided with promotional items, including a gift card, in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed above are entirely our own.

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  1. You all are so cute!

    I love it! :)


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