Keep your possessions YOURS!

Laptop LockIn just a few short weeks my daughters will be returning back to school. Although they’re only in elementary school, there’s ample opportunity for theirs belongings to come up missing. Fortunately, their belongings only include things like sweaters and books, and things like cell phones and netbooks. Either way, I’d like them to return home at the end of each day with their own belongings, and not someone else’s – and with nothing missing!

In order to avoid mishaps, I mark all of their out garments with our last name and I try to make sure they don’t take things like cell phones and electronic gadgets to school. I’m sure they’ve snuck things by me a time or two, but I surely hope they don’t do it on a regular basis.

If my girls were to take their cell phones to school, I’d be sure to instill that every time they’re ready to put them away, that they put them in the cell phone holder on their purses or backpacks. In my opinion, the easiest way not to lose something is to return it to the same place every time you put it down. That way you’re forcing yourself, even subconsciously, to follow the same habits all the time.

When everything has a place, it’s much easier to keep track of your items.

That’s my #1 tip.

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