Family Movie Night with Dino Dan #CouchCritics

When my mom went to Cleveland on July 1st, she took my girls with her. I was so excited to have a bit of rest, but you know what? I missed my girls SO much, and it figures that they took this week away from me to become so independent. Coco, age 6, told me that she’d call me twice a day, and I warned Lulu, age 8 – and with a new prepaid cell phone, not to use up all of her minutes.

How did they react while gone from their mama? I talked to Coco twice, and each time it was for less than 2 minutes. Seriously! Lulu? The first time I spoke to her was around 10pm Sunday night when they got to Cleveland. Here is our conversation:

Me: I miss you already! How was your trip?

Lulu: Mama? You have to hurry up.

Me: Hurry up doing what? I don’t understand…

Lulu: Hurry up talking to me. I’m playing Monopoly and it’s almost my turn.

I don’t think she even said “I love you” before she hung up. It wasn’t supposed to be like this for at least 5 more years, I thought. My girls are growing up.

So when we were offered the opportunity to be #CouchCritics and watch Dino Dan together, I jumped! What a perfect idea for a welcome home party of sorts after a long drive home. Originally I was going to reserve the movie online from but since I had a coupon code that I needed to use at the kiosk, I decided to take my chances on the movie being in stock when I arrived at Walmart. Although I did get sidetracked by Walmart’s sidewalk sale (I spent $5 there – nothing of which was on my shopping list!), as I entered Walmart the kiosk was right there on the left. It was easy to choose the “Family Movies” option to narrow down my choices, especially since Dino Dan was the 1st movie listed after I did that. I entered the promo code and checked out. I did still need to use my credit card in case I didn’t return the movies on time (and I’ve been know to keep a movie or 3 for 6 or 7 days…by accident of course!).




I’ll never know how the dispenser is able to select the movie so quickly and correctly, but I’m always curious what goes on inside the machine. After that I headed inside to get the food I needed to get this party started.P1010009

I was in Walmart for awhile, getting all my stuff together. I don’t even think I forgot anything – except I only brought 1 reusable bag, which was just silly. Certainly all these groceries couldn’t fit inside 1 reusable bag. I had to hurry up and get back home and get the grill nice and hot. Considering that the dinosaur ribs take about 2 hours to cook, and I wanted the food to be ready before the girls and my mom walked in the door, I needed to light up that fire quickly.

I started with the dinosaur ribs first, then added the Brontosaurus burgers. The hot dogs were the last thing to be added, since they didn’t need to cook so long. The food was all ready before everyone got home, except we did make Dino dirt together. That actually ended up being the most fun part of the night – since everyone had a hand in making it.P1010038P1010050

The girls really enjoyed searching for fossils in their Dino dirt, eating their hot dogs with Dino poo (mustard) and Lava (ketchup) on it, and drinking their Lava punch (Sprite with strawberry-lemonade ice cubes).

Dino Dirt Recipe


1 package instant chocolate Jell-O pudding (I purchased the 6 serving size)

1 1/2 cups of milk

8 oz. Cool Whip, thawed

1 package white chocolate chips

10 Oreos, crushed

1 King size Heath bar


Mix the Jell-O pudding and milk in a container. While 1 child was mixing, the other was crushing Oreos and the Heath bar. We crushed them in a closed Ziploc bag. When they’re finished mixing the pudding, add the white chocolate chips and the Heath bar. Add in 1/2 of the Cool Whip. Stir again. Pour the pudding into the individual cups. Pour crushed Oreos on top, for decoration. Give each child a spoon. Have them “dig” in and find the white chocolate chip and Heath bar pieces. High five when they’ve excavated their first fossils.


After they ate dessert (It ended up that they ate on the road. When I called to tell them that I made dinner, I found out they just ate.), they started the movie Dino Dan, and promptly fell asleep. That’s okay. They were tired after their long trip, and I was tired after a long day. To finish our “night”, the next morning, the girls ended up eating hot dogs for breakfast, drinking more Lava Punch, and completing their Dino Dan games that I downloaded from

Our Movie Review

The episodes are short, which makes this a great DVD for younger kids with shorter attention spans. However, since there are multiple episodes, they hold older children’s attention for longer periods of time. And since the shows are family-oriented, it makes for a great family movie night. As a parent, the episodes didn’t hold my attention specifically, but it was great to be able to watch the DVD with both of my children and not be concerned about bad language, violence, or inappropriate situations. My daughters liked it so well that they watched it several times before we returned the DVD, and 3 neighborhood children ended up watching it with us as well.


The girls and I really enjoy watching movies together. We do so at least once each week, usually on Friday nights. It gives us all something to look forward to each week, where we can just kick back, relax, and hang out on the couch. All the neighbor kids are constantly asking if they can join us, so the girls must be bragging about what a good time we have. Watching Dino Dan was no different. I think I learned more about dinosaurs in 1 hour, than I have in my entire life (and that’s a hard feat – I am 40, ya know!).


All in all, we had a very good time and the girls enjoyed the movie. They’re both fans of Dino Dan, so they were excited to watch the movie. They did invite some neighborhood kids over, but the kids got back too late from running errands with their dad.

P.S. The girls hugged and kissed and hung all over me all night long. So maybe they really did miss me while they were gone! It felt good to have them back.


To see how I planned my shopping trip and got ready for the girls’ return, check out my Google + story.

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  1. Movie night is always a hit! I’m glad you and the girls enjoyed your time. The Dino Dirt recipe is something I must try with my son. Let’s hope I don’t eat it all.


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