The SC Book Festival 2012 – Our First Time

Saturday the girls and I stopped by the SC Book Festival. We’ve actually never been to one of these, and found out about it last year right after it ended. So I’ve been keeping up with the festival for the entire past year and had put a reminder in my work calendar on Thursday. Good thing, because I’d actually forgotten about it!

We enjoyed it. At first we just walked around to the different booths. As soon as we got down the first aisle, there was a concession stand. Alijah got a pretzel ($5) and a bottle of Sprite ($3). They didn’t take cards, so I had to scrounge for cash. Oy! No wonder there’s no fee to get in.

Then we bought 2 children’s books: The ThimSeagle Thievers by Betty Lou Rogers, and Pearls of My Own by Stephanie L. McKenny. The books were $10 each, which is more than I usually pay, but I think it’s important to support local businesses, especially writers, so I was okay with these prices. I’ll have a review of each book posted shortly.

We met Tyora Moody whose first novel, When Rain Falls (Victory Gospel Series #1) was just published in February of this year. I promised a review of her new novel, so I’ll get that posted as well.

We also received a free tote bag, free rulers with the last 44 Presidents listed on the back, bookmarks, and a few magazines.

After we visited the books we listened to a local librarian entertain the kids with songs and books, and that was honestly the best part for me – she interacted with the kids on their level. The kids were active participants in the stories she told.

We had a good time. Lulu enjoyed seeing and saying hi to Curious George, although Coco was terrified – but she did wave from afar. But Coco was impatient to move on, so we left before we could hear Curious George stories being read. The girls received cute dolls from the nice ladies at the Books-A-Million “bookstore”, and they’ve been styling their hair ever since.

We’ll definitely go back next year. I’ll be better prepared (with cash!) to support the authors there by buying their books (and getting their autographs). And we’ll time our visits to both maximize the kids’ time since they get bored easily, and meet my favorite authors as well.

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  1. I love these type of festivals and the books sound great

  2. I love going to book festivals and trading events, really glads the kids enjoyed it x

  3. It was great meeting you and the girls on Saturday. This was my second time to the SC Book Festival. The first time I attended as a bookworm and loved it! I never imagined I would return years later as an author. Great fun!

  4. What a wonderful day of with the girls! I always enjoy taking my kids to local festivals and the timing for a book festival couldn’t be better!