#bookreview: The Donkey’s Easter Tale by Adele Colvin

imageBook: The Donkey’s Easter Tale

Author: Adele Colvin

Illustrator: Peyton Carmichael

ISBN: 978-1589805934

Pages/Price: 32/$15.95

Category: Children’s/Picture Books/Religious/Holidays/Easter and Lent


About The Donkey’s Easter Tale

On the night of the Holy Nativity, Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger, surrounded by lowly animals and humble shepherds. One such animal, the donkey, was present at the birth and had the honor and blessing to witness the beginning of what she called the Great Miracle––the life of Jesus Christ.

Inspired by the Scriptures themselves, Colvin presents a gentle and joyful account of the early life of Jesus from the perspective of the donkey. When Colvin realized that the Bible makes mention of a donkey both at the birth of Christ and on the occasion of his ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, she began to think about a relationship between the animals. This delightful picture book is the result, wherein the story of Jesus’ life becomes a cherished family legacy, passed down from grandmother, who witnessed Christ’s birth, to the grandson, who carried Jesus into Jerusalem the week before his crucifixion. From Jesus’ birth to the Holy Family’s flight from King Herod and the finding of Jesus in the temple in discourse with the Jewish scholars, the life of Jesus is celebrated by the humble animals who knew the blessing of serving Christ.


This is the story of Easter as told by the donkey Jesus rode on, which I find to be a cute and fascinating way to tell the story. I expected to be able to read the story to my girls, but this is a lengthy book. It’s almost like a chapter book without the chapters. In order to read this story to my girls I had to break it up into multiple days, and that lost interest in my 6 year old. My 8 year old was more interested, but both girls would have preferred a shorter story.

It really is an interesting way to tell a tale, from the perspective of a “mute” participant who hears what’s going on, but who is unable to help, or stop the betrayal of Jesus. While the donkey is unable to talk to the people involved, she does get the chance to relay the story to her grandchildren. I like the story. I plan on reading it again with my girls this year, then putting it away for next year when it will hold their attention much longer. I still give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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