#bookreview: Okay, So I Got Fat by Gigi Verrey @okaysoigotfat

Book: Okay, So I Got Fat
Author: Gigi Verrey
ISBN: 978-09835778-0-5
Pages/Price: 152/$19.95
Category: Cooking/Methods/Quick & Easy

About Okay, So I Got Fat

Okay, So I Got Fat Cooking by Gig Verrey

An easy way to shop for and cook healthy meals so you no longer have to choose between a busy schedule and eating well. Tired of feeling fat, overwhelmed, and stressed? Have you lost the will and energy to go on yet another fad diet? If you answered yes – Okay, So I Got Fat is the easy long-term solution to bring sanity and healthy eating to you and your family.

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My Thoughts on Okay, So I Got Fat

I had a fun time reading this book. It’s a quick read, the first time around. I wanted to read it through first, to get an idea of what Gigi was suggesting, and then come back and review the instructions, the method, and Gigi’s suggestions more slowly.

I’m an overworked, overwhelmed single mom of 2 girls. Life can sometimes get in the way of healthy eating. And I like what Gigi has to say. First of all, her basic rules surrounding her food choices line up with mine. They include organic foods only (although I do patronize local farmers who use no chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and free ranging, but cannot afford to get the organic designation), no artificial sugars or sweeteners, and no caffeine. She also advocates gluten and dairy-free which I don’t follow, although we do use raw milk in our household which I believe to have benefits you can’t find in pasteurized milk.

I have learned (well, received reinforcement) that breakfast is very important. I wasn’t getting breakfast before. Now I’ve incorporated a bowl of oatmeal into my breakfast and my girls are receiving their breakfast in different forms. I’m trying to find an easy way to prepare a hot breakfast in our rushed weekday mornings.

I like that this book is chock-full of helpful information. I like that it offers suggested menus and suggested grocery items. For me, I can’t afford to incorporate all of the ideas into our food rotation though. Bceause I spend so much money with local farmers, and because the food I buy (although we are growing a garden this year) is expensive to begin with, I’m unable to add all of the ideas, without increasing my grocery budget. It’s just not financially prepared to make all of the necessary changes – at this time. However, the ideas are awesome, the way Gigi breaks it down is so helpful, and the suggestions are doable. If you don’t have a budget like I do, or are able to substitute here and there, this is a great place to start to get your family back on track to eating healthier.

There are some great recipes on her website and the roasted kale looks amazing!

About the Author of Okay, So I Got Fat, Gigi Verrey

GIGI VERREY is a self-professed nutrition and weight-loss guru who successfully manages investment portfolios by day. Gigi’s lifelong passion for food has led her to try many diets, most of which were impossible to maintain or ridiculously expensive.

Friends and family have sought Gigi’s advice on many nutrition-related topics. Her wisdom, organization, and no BS approach to meal planning have helped frustrated people in her universe successfully lose weight and keep it off. Gigi lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband, their three boys, and two Shih Tzus.

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  1. Sounds like an informative book but I agree with you. The way the economy is set right now it makes it hard to do major eating habit changes. My son recently came to stay with us and just buying for one more person to eat was an eye opener.

  2. i got fat too…shh! don’t tell! LOL

  3. Sounds like this book is packed full of helpful information! Thanks for sharing it :)

  4. I like Gigi’s book, too. I’m not gluten/dairy-free either, so I am incorporating some of her other suggestions. Get this – I tried the roasted kale; **both** of my kids (ages 9 and 12) liked it and asked for more. They also liked the roasted sweet potatoes. Both are cheap and **packed** with nutrition. Besides that, the book is fun to read because Gigi is so entertaining. I look at it this way, a $20 investment in the book is paying off by helping me find more ways to feed myself and my kids healthy food.