World Book Day: We’re a family of readers

I love to read. I could read all day, every day, if I could get paid for it. But since I can’t, I take a book, or more likely, my kindle with me everywhere I go. That way I’m always prepared when the little moments come – in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, in line at the DMV, before I start work, and even during my lunch hour when I decide to eat by myself. The girls have books in the car and either Lulu is reading to Coco as we make our way, or they’re both looking at their own books. We read for 20 minutes each day, and we usually read together at night before bed.

IMAG0141I’m thankful that my 8-year old loves to read as well. Even if the only ones she’s interested in at the moment are Junie B. Jones and Amber Brown books. I can roll with that. Although reading does have competition when the weather is nice. In that case the outdoors, the neighborhood kids, and the bikes win over reading. But outdoors is good too.

And my 6-year old loves to be read to. Slowly but surely, she’s learning to read to us. I can’t wait until she’s reading who books on her own. The excitement mimics the excitement I had when her big sister started to read. As an avid reader, I can’t imagine a greater joy than watching my daughters become eager readers as well.

imageIn celebration of World Book Day – March 1st, for those of you who are uninitiated – Coco, my 6-year old, is going to dress up as her favorite character, Ariel. On any given day she’s got fancy dress ideas, from combining the weirdest colors together, to wearing tank tops in the dead of winter. But, again, I roll with it – as long as she’s got a sweater on top to combat the weather. I’ve learned how to pick my battles.

What about your family? Do you wear costumes for world book day? How do you celebrate world book day? Are you a family of readers too? What’s your favorite genre of books?

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  1. we love to read too :) it’s great you get your kids reading so young. my son will also take any excuse to wear a costume

  2. I love to read. I was a real bookworm as a kid. My kids hate to read. Bummer.

  3. What a fun way to celebrate! Love this idea – dressing up to honor World Book Day! I’d not heard of this before, but am fully behind supporting it now! A solid foundation in reading is key to all success!

  4. We love to read and now that my children are adults they are still avid readers as well as the grand children. The school I use to work at celebrated this day and all the students and faculty would dress as their favorite characters. It is so great that you celebrate it in your home this way too.

  5. We love sci-fi for funsie reading. Of course, the Bible is always a solid choice around here. Little Bit loves the classics, Goodnight Moon ;D