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About is an amazing new site that auctions off gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Apple and Walmart at serious discounts – like 90% off retail.

The clear benefit of in contrast to other auction sites (like penny auctions and others) is that instead of buying bids, you buy “lower-level” gift cards (we call them Reward Cards) to retailers like Gap, Staples, Payless and more, and for each Reward Card you buy, you get free points to play in the auctions for the “Dream Cards” to Amazon, Walmart and more.

Recent closing auctions include: $1.01 for a $25 MasterCard gift card, $0.81 for a $25 Target gift card and $0.09 for a $25 Amazon gift card.  This could be you! offers frugal shoppers a way to score groceries, gas, diapers and more at serious discounts, without the risk of losing, since for each dollar you spend, you get cash back in Reward Cards sent with free shipping.


My Thoughts on

This can be very addicting, so be careful! What happens is you buy reward points. Rewards points are equal to the dollar value of the gift card you buy. For example, I bought a $25 Sears card for $25. 25 rewards points were automatically added to my account. I used those 25 points to bid on other gift cards like Target,, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc. There are 6 visible auctions at any given time, but they end at different times. Right now, there are 6 auctions listed, one of which ends in just over 3 hours, and once which doesn’t end for almost 8 hours.

Each point is a penny. So if you bid, you’re increasing the price of the gift card by 1 cent. You’re bidding against others who also have reward points to use. If you win the auction you actually pay the wining bid amount (which I haven’t seen go higher than $3) plus a processing fee of $5. So, if you win, for about $8 – at the most that I’ve seen – you’ll get a gift card valued at $25 or $50 – what an amazing savings!

Except I’ve never won! LOL! I’ve tried and tried, and I haven’t figured out the secret to winning yet. Maybe bidding on an auction that ends in the middle of the night? I’m not sure.

So, if you’re already in the market for a gift card OR you plan on shopping at a particular store and can wait a few days for the gift card to arrive in the mail, this is the place to go. In exchange for buying a gift card at regular price, you get the opportunity to bid on another gift card for very little out-of-pocket.

But the reason it’s call is because you don’t. You don’t pay extra for the original gift card you buy. You don’t pay for it to be shipped to you. And you have the opportunity to get a 2nd gift card at a really great deal – if you can figure out how to win the auction.

Try For Yourself

Buy your first gift card on and use code LAUNCH10 for an additional 10 reward points after your first purchase.

The Giveaway

The prize: $25 AMC gift card and 25 reward points added to your account automatically. 1 winner.

How to enter: 3 easy entries. Leave 1 comment per each entry method. The winning entry will be randomly selected by And the winner is plugin.

The giveaway ends 02/29/2012.

1. Visit and let me know which gift card you’d like to win. 1 comment, 1 entry

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  1. I would like a Walmart card!

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    I like the target card

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  14. Whole Foods! I easily drop $100 every time I walk in the door there, so any gift cards would help

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