Review and MyMoment: ProBiotic ProNutrients by Centrum #NutritionPossible

About ProBiotic ProNutrients by Centrum

Introducing ProNutrients.

A select line of supplements designed to naturally work with your multivitamin to further support your health.*

New ProNutrients from the makers of Centrum. Help Make Nutrition Possible.TM

My Thoughts on ProBiotic ProNutrients by Centrum

IMAG0056 I’m a believer in vitamins and supplements. The girls and I take Vitamins C and D daily. They’re both good for your immune system. Or ours at least.We take (homemade or store-bought) elderberry supplements during flu season. Water is our drink of choice. It comes naturally to me, but my girls are enjoying it more and more each day. I also take other vitamins each day, and an important one to me is probiotics. Probiotics provide good bacteria to my gut. I especially use probiotics when I’m prescribed antibiotics. In my personal experience, taking probiotics allows me to avoid a yeast infection, which I’d normally get after taking antibiotics.

The quality of my supplements is important to me. But price is important, too. As a single mom I have to watch how my dollars are spent. These probiotics were almost $27 for a 28 day supply, which is kind of steep for me, especially since I want to get my girls on the probiotic  bandwagon too. Centrum is a brand I trust. I took Centrum vitamins when I was too queasy to swallow my prenatal pills, way back when. So I trust int he quality of their ProBiotic ProNutrients.

I try to save money by running a few errands at one time, and since I wasn’t able to get all my shopping down yesterday, we had to finish it today. So we went to Walmart to get these supplements but also to get lined hoodies for myself and the girls. It’s COLD outside. I don’t get how southerners don’t run for cover the moment the weather goes under 70 degrees. I do. And I’m from Ohio!

Go to ThisMoment to see how we run our errands in this single parent household!

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