Review: Connie Cobbler: Toy Detective by James DeSalvo

Book: Connie Cobbler: Toy Detective

Author: James Desalvo

Publisher: Doozie Press

ISBN: 978-0982917107

Pages/Price: 106/$5.99

Category: Fiction/Children’s

About Connie Cobbler: Toy Detective

Connie Cobbler is a toy who had it all. She was the star of her own television series Connie Cobbler and the Pastry Pals. Her face appeared on t-shirts and she even starred in The Pastry Pals Movie. She was one of the brightest stars of Toy Town. Then tragedy struck. Her friend TIFFANY TART accidentally disappeared into the Custard River while filming an episode of Connie Cobbler and the Pastry Pals. Unable to save her friend and spurred on by grief, Connie Cobbler turned away from show business and became a hard boiled, root beer swigging private detective, dedicating her life to protecting the toys of Toy Town. Connie Cobbler’s day begins with a tough case. BRENDA BOMBSHELL, one of the top stars in Toy Town, needs Connie to find her kidnapped dog. When Connie starts working on the case, she soon figures out that not everything adds up. Clues lead her to the missing pooch, but some clues also suggest that Tiffany Tart’s disappearance might not have been an accident after all. The closer she comes to the truth, it becomes clear that someone wants her out of the picture. Permanently. Calling upon her best friend ACTION JIM, a former action figure who gave up a life of adventure for love, and the rest of her Pastry Pals, Connie sets out to discover what kind of toy would want her gone and solve the case of what really happened to her friend.


My Thoughts on Connie Cobbler: Toy Detective

Connie Cobbler is now a grade A private eye who has learned many tricks of the trade from her best friend Action Jim, so when she starts investigating and weird things start happening to her, she should be prepared. But even a private eye can’t get herself out of every situation unharmed…

This is just a fun read from start to finish. It’s intriguing enough to keep a middle reader reading without stop. Heck, it was intriguing enough to keep me reading nonstop! It’s silly enough (Custard River? Tiffany Tart!) to keep young readers entertained throughout and the alliterative names of the characters, or more appropriately, toys, is just a fun addition to the storyline. There are hidden clues throughout the book, but I was still guessing until just about the end of the story, so I suspect that a middle reader will be guessing to their very end.

The story is engaging, the characters have distinct personalities, and you simply won’t want to put this book down.

About the Author of Connie Cobbler: Toy Detective, James DeSalvo

James DeSalvo has been a teacher for the past twenty years. He has published articles for several newspapers and continues to write. He is also an actor, having done several shows both regionally and Off-off Broadway (He is also one of the few actors never to have been on Law and Order). He has been a crime victims rights advocate and continues to support crime victims. He lives in New York State’s Hudson Valley.
He is the author of Connie Cobbler: Toy Detective, as well as Miss Mary Pennynickle’s Tales of Torment for Toddlers and Miss Mary Pennynickle’s Fairytales of Foreboding.

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